Ares Games will be at Gen Con 2013 (August 15-18, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis) to release new WW2 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs (FW-190 D-9/D-13, Spitfire Mk-IX, P-51D Mustang, and Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate) and the new edition of Inkognito.

Previews of the upcoming games, Sails of Glory and Galaxy Defenders, will also be held in the Ares Games booth.

In addition to the demos and previews in the booth, Ares Games will also host several game events.

On both August 15th and 16th, from 9 to 11 pm, in Hall C/Red, attendees will have the chance to learn how to play Sails of Glory. The rules of the game will be taught and then, the cannons will be loosed!

Classic WW1 and WW2 dog fights are also scheduled: on August 15th, from 7 to 9 pm, in Hall C/Yellow, the WW1 Wings of Glory event, and on August 16th, in Hall C/Red, in the same time slot, the WW2 Wings of Glory event will be held. In both, players will receive a plane to keep as part of the entry fee. Players are asked to arrive a bit early to get their plane and meet their squadron mates. Planes will be awarded on a first come, first served basis with an eye toward balancing the two teams. Prizes will be awarded for enemy kills.

To take part to these events, it's necessary to register through the convention, with a limited number of tickets available - US$ 2 for Sails of Glory and US$ 12 for Wings of Glory.

More events related to Wings of Glory will be hosted by independent groups, such as Northern Virginia Gamers (NOVAG). One event is the "Wings of Glory Megagame: Battle of St.Mihiel Salient," with 64 players, scheduled on Saturday 17th, at 9 pm.

Visit Ares Games at Gen Con Indy 2013, at booth 1849!

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