The Wings of Glory Aerodrome, the community dedicated to the Wings of Glory game system, is running a painting contest for the Airco DH.2 fighters. To take part in the contest, Aerodrome members must submit pictures of two or three Airco DH.2 miniatures painted up from the same flight or unit. The winners will be chosen by community vote, with prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The deadline for submitting entries is April, 21st.

The winners will receive the Painting Contest Medal and will have the chance to select prizes like autographed cards by Andrea Angiolino, Halberstadt D.III miniatures, an Aerodrome Accessories Prize pack (including a rotary cockpit, a prop ruler and a special damage marker), and the Aerodrome Accessories Damage Caddy.

For more details about the DH.2 Takes Flight Painting Contest, click here.

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