The Wings of Glory European Master 2024 tournament is about to take off: the first event of this year's edition will take place on March 24th, at Lucca Collezionando, a festival dedicated to the world of Comics and Slow Entertainment. The event Wings of Lucca is organized by Ludus in Tabula APS, in collaboration with Lucca Collezionando and the support of the Italian Wargame Federation (FIW), sponsored by Ares Games and BlacKnight Edition - the new distribution and publishing partner for the game in Italy.

Wings of Lucca: first event of Wings of Glory European Master 2024.

Now in its third edition, the European Master tournament debuted in 2022 in Rome as part of the Italian Wargame Convention, expanding subsequently to Wings of Glory conventions in Prague, Czech Republic, and Doncaster, England. In 2024, the tournament circuit encompasses four events: Lucca (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), Rome (Italy), and Doncaster (UK). Each event generates its own ranking classification and rewards the top three pilots. These rankings are then amalgamated into an annual European classification to determine the best pilots for each edition.

For the first event at Lucca, 40 seats are available and players eager to participate are urged to sign up promptly, as registration closes on March 16th. Any registration requests received after this date will be subject to evaluation by the event organizers. More information and the registration module is available at Wings of Lucca page.

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