The Sails of Glory campaign on Kickstarter continues with fair wind. Started last Tuesday, March 5th, the funding goal of $ 30,000 was achieved in less than 9 hours and after one week the pledges raised over $ 125,000, with five stretch goals achieved.

Following the initial funding of US$ 30,000 the achievement of four “stretch goals” will allow to fund the design and production of two new ships - the HMS Victory and the USS Constitution, and special game items, such as the Sails of Glory Game Mat and the laser-cut, wooden version of two Attitude Indicator and of the Combat Ruler. The next stretch goal to be achieved, $ 140,000, will unlock the Terrain Pack #1, with terrain elements for use together with the Game Mat.

To know more about this project, visit the Sails of Glory Kickstarter page.

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