The WW1 Wings of Glory Duel Packs contest on BoardGameGeek ended on Tuesday, February 5th, with the participation of 3,860 BGG members! Here is the list of the 10 winners who will receive a copy of the game.

  • Cibarius (Spain)
  • Steve Pratt (United Kingdon)
  • Jordan Newman (United States)
  • Jared Haworth (United States)
  • Anastasia Zioga (Greece)
  • Ben Garbe (United States)
  • Alex Berry (United States)
  • Gravey (Canada)
  • Michael Kröhnert (Germania)
  • S. Turner (United States)
  • Ares Games thanks all the players who took part to the contest and congratulates the winners. To see the BGG announcement, click here.

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