Ares Games, the game publisher of the Wings of Glory series of aerial combat games, created by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, announces a new game based upon that popular game system, with a completely new setting.

The game, to be called Sails of Glory, will recreate naval warfare in the Age of Sail (1650-1815). The Wings of Glory game system will be modified and expanded to represent accurately battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries.

Created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini, Sails of Glory will merge miniatures, cards and board game mechanics, using the same intuitive system of Wings of Glory, which features a special deck of maneuver cards to represent the different movement capabilities of each model. The game will be supported by a range of painted and assembled 1/1200 miniatures.

”We’re very excited to publish Sails of Glory, and of the possibility of adapting the popular Wings of Glory system to re-create tactical ship-to-ship combat in the fascinating Age of Sail”, declared Christoph Cianci, CEO of Ares Games.

The first series of Sails of Glory, scheduled to be released in Summer 2012, will be set in the Napoleonic Age.”If the game has the success we expect, in the future Sails of Glory will be extended to cover other historical periods, such as the Age of Discovery, the Middle Ages and ancient times”, added Cianci.

Andrea Angiolino, co-author of both Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory declared: “Since the first release of Wings of War we were convinced that this game system could be used also in completely different settings. For years, the development was focused on the games of aerial warfare, but fans of the game created several variants on their own, inspired by famous animated cartoons, movies and books. With Sails of Glory, thanks to the creative contributions of Andrea Mainini, for the first time this is done in an official product, backed by the same attention to playability, historical accuracy and beautiful miniatures of the original game”, he said.

“It was very interesting to develop the Sails of Glory mechanics with Andrea Angiolino. The distinct character and the deep different behavior of a big sailing ship compared to a XX-century airplane allowed us to reinvent the game and to find innovative ideas, but keeping it coherent with the logics and principles that inspired Wings of Glory, commented Andrea Mainini, co-author of Sails of Glory.

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