LudoStoria, an Italian hub for historical simulation gaming enthusiasts, is set to host its inaugural convention on January 21st, on Discord: Virtual LudoStoriCon 2024. The comprehensive one-day program includes meetings with scholars and authors, virtual booths of major industry publishers, prototype demos, and new releases, as well as workshops, tutorials, free play, and more. The event is free and open to everyone who loves playing with history in all its forms — board wargames, 3D games, historical role-playing, and themed euro games. Ares Games will run activities related to Wings of Glory and Quartermaster General games, with game designers Andrea Angiolino and Ian Brody, who will also have sessions scheduled in the main conference track.

Here is the schedule of Ares’ activities at LudoStoriCon (time zone is CET):

11:00 AM: Wings of Glory AMA/Ask Me Anything Roberto Di Meglio/Ares Games and Andrea Angiolino - Anecdotes, curiosities, and previews
12:00 PM: Quartermaster General East Front (Tabletopia Demo)
2:00 PM: Quartermaster General East Front (Tabletopia Demo)
4:00 PM: Past, Present, and Future of the Quartermaster General Line Q&A with Ian Brody
4:00 PM: WW1 Wings of Glory Online Dogfight Open clash on the Dire Wolf app, with Andrea Angiolino. Gift vouchers for the Ares Games webshop for the winning team.
5:00 PM: Quartermaster General - Play with the author Ian Brody, on Tabletopia

In addition to the above presentations in Ares' rooms, Andrea Angiolino, co-author of Wings of Glory, will talk about "History... and Fantasy History" with Francesca Garello (2:00 PM, von Clausewitz room) and discuss his gamebook set in WW2, "Il Gobbo Maledetto," with co-author Gregory Alegi (3:00 PM). Ian Brody will speak about "Historical Narration and Game Design" (3:00 PM, Machiavelli room).

LudoStoriCon 2024 activities will take place on Discord, with all times in Rome local time (CET/GMT+1). Most activities will be in Italian language. For more information, check the complete program at the LudoStoria website and the Ludostoria Facebook group.

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