Following the first article about the North American B-25 Mitchell’s history and features, let’s take a look to the two models of this aircraft, featured as Wings of Glory Special Packs – the B-25B (Doolitle) and the B-25C (Bauer) – and their use in the game.

As already explained in the game’s preview of the bomber Heinkel He.111, these Special Packs brings to the game multi-engine aircrafts with multiple machine guns and a larger crew. The bombers’ airplane cards and bases have no longer a single “center” of the airplane, and multiple colored dots indicate the position of the machine guns used for different firing purposes. For more details about the bombers’s basic rules and the management card description, read the Heinkel He.111’s article.


Airplane card of the North American B-25B Mitchell (Doolittle), used in the famous raid.

One of the B-25 presented in the Wings of Glory Special Packs is a variant "B" version, the aircraft used by Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle in the famous raid over Japan in April 1942, which was especially modified for this mission. The lower gun turret was removed, mock gun barrels were installed on the tail cone and the Norden bombsight was replaced with a makeshift aiming sight.

The game stats for this model indicate the two engines, two firing arcs (the frontal machine gun and the dorsal turret), the high damage resistance (30 points), climb rate of 7, maximum altitude of 9 and a crew of three members – the pilot, the front gunner and the dorsal gunner.


B-25B (Doolittle) - Management Card

The airplane management card indicates the role that a crewman has on the airplane. In the case of Doolittle's B-25B , there are three role circles indicating the Pilot (I), the Front Gunner (II) and the Dorsal Gunner (III). Each role circle for a gunner is connected to the number of that machine gun on the airplane, matching the number used on the airplane card.

The Special Rules for the B-25B concerns the dorsal turret, which, with Standard Rules, fires against targets at the same altitude and has a firing arc limited by the aircraft tail. Using the Advanced Rules, it can also fire against targets at a higher altitude, with a 360-degree firing arc. On the airplane stand, and on the airplane card, a 360-degree rotating machine gun is identified by a white octagon, with a red (or dark yellow) border and a number, instead of a dot.


North American B-25C Mitchell (Bauer), nicknamed 'Legal Eagle' - Airplane Card

The other B-25 featured in the Wings of Glory Special Packs is a variant C, used by first lieutenant George Bauer of the 489th Squadron, 340th Bomber Group, nicknamed “Legal Eagle”. Its crew won the squadron's longest airplane name contest by originally calling the aircraft "Superdurchschnittsgeschwididigkeiter," which means "Speedy" in German.

The game stats for the B-25C differ from the B-25B when playing with Advanced Rules – in this case, due to the presence of the ventral turret, this model has three firing arcs and four crewmen.


B-25C Mitchell (Bauer) - Management Card

The B-25C's ventral turret (identified as machine gun 3) can fire at 360-degree against targets at a lower altitude, and is operated by the 4th crewman, the Ventral Gunner, identified by the role circle (IV) in the management card.

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