The Italian gaming group Mad Elite Wargamers, in collaboration with WASP La Spezia, will hold a WW2 Wings of Glory event in Carrara (Northern Tuscany, Italy) on January 15th to play a Pacific 1943's campaign, with the presence of Andrea Angiolino, co-author of the game.

The campaign includes four scenarios, using advanced rules combined with some house rules and over 50 airplanes - miniatures to play with will be supplied to the participants.

The "Pacific 1043" event will be held at the game shop Goblin Town, in Carrara, from 9,30 am to 5 pm. For more information, check the event's page at Mad Elite Wargames website, where a PDF file including the list of airplanes, the home rules, and scenarios (in Italian) is available for download.

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