The first production preview of Aztlán showed images of two gaming pieces, and now we present some images of the back of the Power and Prosperity cards.

People of the Quetzal

People of the Ocelot

In Aztlán, each player controls one of the four tribes which live in the mythic homeland of the Nahuatl people, striving to survive and prosper. Each tribe takes its name from the totem animal their ancestral kings choose to protect them: the People of the Ocelot, the People of the Quetzal, the People of the Serpent, and the People of the Coyote.

People of the Serpent

People of the Coyote

The sacred animal of each tribe is depicted on the back of its set of Power cards.

Here you can see the beautiful images of the totemic animals created by the artist Drew Baker for each of the four tribes of Aztlán.
(Click on the miniatures to see the full images in the gallery).

Prosperity Card

Besides the tribe's cards, you can see also one of the first results of the work of Peter Gifford, of Universal Head, on the game’s graphic design: the back of the Prosperity Cards, based on images created by Drew Baker and inspired to the Aztec myth.

Prosperity Cards are drawn whenever a player, after winning a conflict, decides to co-exists with the defeated people, and may provide important bonuses to actions or scoring.

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