The Ace Cards Promo Pack - which allows to add historical Ace pilots to WW1 Wings of Glory games - will be available from the BoardGameGeek Store this week.

Ace Cards present real WW1 pilots with a selection of Ace abilities based on actual historical documents, and can be used with the new version of the WW1 Wings of Glory rules, which introduces "Ace skills".

The Ace Cards Promo Pack includes 24 cards, featuring seven WW1 aces - Manfred von Richthofen and Max Immelmann (Germany), Willy Coppens (Belgium), Silvio Scaroni (Italy), Lanoe George Hawker (England), Jean Navarre (France) and Frank Luke, Jr. (United States).

This promo pack will be sold by the BoardGameGeek Store at a price of US$ 5.00, and will be availabe as a prize at selected premium events and Wings of Glory tournaments.

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