Three conventions in U.S. in the next two weeks will hold Wings of Glory sessions. Players will have the chance to see the first releases of the game in the WW1 and WW2 lines and play with them at Nashcon 2012 (Franklin-Tenessee, May 2 5th-27th), Enfilade 2012 (Olympia- Washington, May 2 5th-27th) and Origins 2012 (Columbus-Ohio, May 30th-June 3th).

At Nashcon 2012, organized by Mid-South's Historical Miniatures Gaming at Cool Springs Marriott (Franklin TN), the Duke Boys (Kevin and Steven Duke) will host demo games on Saturday, May 26th (Session 5, from 7pm to midnight) , featuring the all new WWII fighters and the WW1 Bombers alongside planes from earlier series. Up to 12 pilots can play in a series of scenarios designed for fun. Beginners are welcome. Players under 15 must have a parent in the game. For more information visit the Nashcon 2012 website.

For people attending the Enfilade 2012 – Northwest Miniature Gaming Convention, conducted by Northwest Historical Miniatures at the Red Lion Inn Olympia, there will be Learn-to-Play sessions, dogfights and a 20+ player tournament, on May 25th and 26th. The Wings of Glory fan and supporter Bill Hughes will be in charge of the activities, with the new WW2 fighters and the WW1 bombers among the prizes. More information and pre-registration in the Enfilade! website.

At the national gaming convention Origins Game Fair 2012 (promoted by the Game Manufacturers Association - GAMA, at Greater Columbus Convention Center), a group of members from Wings of Glory Aerodrome community will be running several events - about 25 hours of activities are scheduled for WW1 Wings of Glory and an additional 10 hours for the WW2 version. The complete schedule is available here. You will be able to play with the WW2 Wings of Glory Starter Set and all the WW2 Airplane Packs and WW1 Bombers Special Packs, and the tournaments' prizes will include the brand-new Ace Cards Promo Packs.

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