The Wings of Glory WW2 Contest on BoardGameGeek ended on Sunday, April 22th, with the participation of 3,999 BGG members! Here the list of the 10 winners (BGG username and country) who will receive a copy of the WW2 Starter Set.

  • jrv666 (Spain)
  • nkerensky (Spain)
  • rogue148 (United States)
  • strategymasterjones (United States)
  • pgoody (United States)
  • GiannisS (Greece)
  • DjAng (Philippines)
  • Jocel1 (France)
  • vidbot (United States)
  • RichardHMarshall (United States)
  • Ares Games thanks all the players who took part to the contest and congratulates the winners.

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