Phantom Fury: Command US Marines in the intense urban combat of Fallujah.

The section dedicated to Nuts! Publishing games is now updated with information and images of Phantom Fury: 2nd Edition (The 2nd Battle for Fallujah), a gripping solitaire tactical game, and Diluvium, a strategic game of exploration, settlement, and conquest set in the aftermath of a great flood. Phantom Fury is due to release in August 2024, and Diluvium, in October.

In Phantom Fury: Second Edition, the player commands US Marines in the intense urban combat of Fallujah, diving into realistic tactical challenges and historical scenarios, through an engaging solo experience with high replayability. First published in 2011, the game is back in a new edition including new game variants and updated counters.

Lead your civilization to greatness in Diluvium.

Diluvium is an 1-hour 4X game with a fascinating setting and evocative art, for one to four players. In the role of powerful civilization's leaders, navigating the aftermath of a great flood that has reshaped the world, their goal is to explore and settle the remaining islands, gather resources, and amass gold to ensure their own civilization's dominance.

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