Phantom Fury: Second Edition

A solo game of tactical challenges and historical scenarios

Command US Marines in the intense urban combat of Fallujah.

Phantom Fury: Second Edition (The 2nd Battle for Fallujah) is a solitaire tactical game where you command US forces in the intense urban combat of November 2004, in Fallujah, Irak. Your mission is to secure the city and defeat insurgents, focusing on the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment in the Jolan district. This edition includes new game variants and updated counters.

The map covers part of Jolan District, divided into 61 zones of 50x50 meters. USMC units are represented by counters for Marine squads (6-12 men) with combat factors. CAAT teams provide additional support. Insurgent units are revealed from “suspect” markers and eliminated after one loss.

The game lasts 16 turns, each 15 minutes long. Turns start with limited USMC support missions (UAV reconnaissance, helicopter support, bombardments), which can fail and allow insurgent actions. Reinforcements can be brought in at a cost. Squads can fire or move, followed by assaults on adjacent insurgents with different attack types (top-down, bottom-up, normal). CAAT units use incendiary explosives, and random events can affect outcomes.

Victory is determined after 16 turns or if USMC controls all zones. Phantom Fury offers an immersive, challenging experience for history and strategy enthusiasts, with a playtime of about four hours.

The English edition of Nuts! Publishing board games are distributed worldwide by Ares Games.


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