Micro Monsters on display at Play 2012

At Play 2012 (March 24th-25th, Modena, Italy) Micro Monsters was presented to the public for the first time! Hot off the press, a limited number of copies was on display at the booth of Red Glove, the Italian publisher of this new Ares Games release, designed by Marco Maggi & Francesco Nepitello, and illustrated by Francesco Mattioli.

For the event, the "two Francescos" of the creative team met on the field of battle! They both proved themselves in thousands of tiddlywinks matches before, and they are both parents of kids within the age range for this kind of games. The battlefield was a table at the Red Glove booth, chosen for the stunning "family style" white and red checkered tablecloth, perfectly suited for the clash...

The four armies ready to the clash!

So here is how planet Ares looked like, after the few minutes needed to apply the stickers to the plastic chits and dice (a set up accomplished quickly, thanks to the dozens of prototypes the two contenders prepared in the past...)

To the right, Bigbears (yellow) and Autogators (green), led by Mattioli, and to the left, Turboturtles (red) and Finbacks (blue), pressed into the fight by Nepitello.

Bigbears attacking the Turboturtles' gate

The game starts with Nepitello leaving the first move to Mattioli: the Bigbears dash straight to the assault and with their special power place a wink right next to the Turboturtles’ gate, while a ‘Trap’ paralyses the nearest enemy.

The Autogators do not delay, and thanks to their ‘Team-up’ power advance in pairs against the Finbacks. Mattioli displays all his mastery throwing his micro monsters into the fray!

A Turboturtle "squopped" by a Bigbear

What happened then? Dramatic scenes like the one portrayed in this picture might suggest the Nepitello’s forces met a miserable end... But every game of Micro Monsters is full of surprises, and in about 15 minutes luck changed sides many times.

Francesco Mattioli (left), Federico Dumas (center) and Francesco Nepitello (right)

The last picture immortalizes the result: Francesco Nepitello (to the right) stares, victorious, towards far galaxies, while Francesco Mattioli (left) smiles thinking at his return match. Standing between them, Federico Dumas, owner of Red Glove, trying to add a whiff of professionalism to the picture :-).

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