The observation balloon Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachens (Sand version).

The Caquot M/Ae 800 Drachen Special Packs and the new Nieuport 16 Airplane Packs are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the shelves in US on October 27th. In Europe and other regions, they will arrive in the following weeks.

The Caquot M/Ae 800 Drachen Special Packs add an exciting new dimension to the WW1 Wings of Glory game, allowing players to experience the thrill of commanding their own observation balloon in the midst of the battles of World War I. The balloons come in two base colors, Sand and Brown, and the pack includes scenarios, ground units, new rules, new abilities, and even a decal sheet for customization.

Nieuport 16 - Escadrille Lafayette.

The three new versions of the famous Nieuport 16 fighter feature the airplanes used by Jean Navarre, called “Sentinel of Verdun” - the first French pilot to shoot down two enemy aircrafts in a day, and the first to be officially declared an ace; the famous “Escadrille La Fayette” – so called in honor of the French hero of the American Revolutionary War; and Henri De Guibert, French pilot honored as Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur after 19 years of service.

For more information, visit the WW1 Wings of Glory section in this website.

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