Three special days of gaming: Ares Games is back from our third UK Games Expo with great memories of meeting British players. The event has grown, with 32,000 unique visitors this year, and a total attendance of 52,000, and our stand got a record number of gamers coming to play a demo, to fight at the second Wings of Glory Battle of Birmigham or just stopping by to take a look at the new games. Ares also brought home one of the UK Games Awards - Judge's Choice as Best Party Game for Ensemble.

At our stand, attendees could play War of the Ring – The Card Game and check a prototype preview of Against the Shadow, its upcoming solo and cooperative expansion. They could also try and purchase three games pre-releasing at the show - Ensemble, the economic game The Rich and The Good, and the euro-thematic game Cangaceiros.

On a giant table, Quartermaster General WW2 Second Edition and Quartermaster General: 1914 could be played in a unique version three times as large as the regular game. Another big table was dedicated to demos of Wings of Glory. On Sunday, 36 players took part to the "Battle of Birmingham", a big WW1 Wings of Glory participation game.

Ares Games congratulates the UK Games Expo organization for the great show and thanks everybody who came to our stand to play our games, the amazing crew which worked hard with us, and the supporters from Wings of Glory Aerodrome. See below some pictures of the demos and events from these three days (click to enlarge).

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