Four wins in nine contests: during the Wings of Glory WW2 Trivia Contest, one player has stood out by his ability to give the right answers in a matter of seconds. Lucas Elder won the contest on the first day, March 7th and - following two contest wins by other entrants - he was the winner for three days in a roll – on March 10th, 11th and 12th!

Lucas is from New Zealand, but at the moment he is working and studying in U.S., and the local time at the moment the questions were posted was 12:30 p.m. For Lucas to be ready for the contest each day, he had to change his daily routine. “I work at night at a restaurant, so I normally get to bed at 4am. For me to get up to play the contest would be like a normal person getting up at 5:30 am. My friend/flat-mate was amazed to see me up every morning at 11:30, preparing for the contest”, he says.

Elder: four wins in the Wings of Glory Contest.

And how could he answer correctly the questions, and so promptly? “I maybe used the Internet twice to find the answer for the questions, and when I did look for the answer I already had in mind where I needed to look or part of a name”, he explains. Lucas plays Wings of Glory (in its previous "Wings of War" incarnation) since he discovered a game set in a New Zealand store, only a few months after it was released, while he was studying aviation at a local flight school.

“All my life I have been breathing, eating, and sleeping airplanes. I looooooove aviation like a fish loves water. This contest was probably one of the most fun 9 days I have had in months”, says him.

And Lucas'fun will continue soon, when he will receive the eight Airplane Packs – the four at stake in the days he won, plus the four that he won as bonus prize because he's an Ares Games’ fan on Facebook.

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