The observation balloon Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachens (Sand).

Observation ballons and new Nieuport 16 versions are coming in the WW1 Wings of Glory line. The Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachen Special Packs adds an exciting new dimension to the game, allowing players to feature the "guardians of the skies" as the centerpiece of a scenario. The Nieuport 16 Airplane Packs will be released in three new versions: Navarre, Squadrille Lafayette and De Guibert.

The observation balloons played a critical role in the struggle for aerial and ground supremacy during the First World War, due to their ability to support troops, gather intelligence, and assist with artillery fire. They were heavily defended by anti-aircraft guns, groups of machine guns, and patrolling fighter aircraft, but were also equipped with special weapons like Le Prieur rockets, being up for the challenge of taking them down. The Special Packs feature the Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachen in two base colors, Sand and Brown, with everything needed to play with it in many different situations, and a decal sheet for customization.

Nieuport 16 - Escadrille Lafayette.

The three new versions of the famous fighter Nieuport 16 presents the airplanes used by Jean Navarre, called “Sentinel of Verdun” and the first French pilot to shoot down two enemy aircrafts in a day and the first to be officially declared an ace; the famous “Escadrille La Fayette” – so called in honor of the French hero of the American Revolutionary War; and Henri De Guibert, French pilot honored as Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur after 19 years of service.

These new models are due to release in September 2023. For more information and images, visit the WW1 Special Packs and WW1 Airplane Packs pages.

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