Two new wargames by Nuts! Publishing start to hit the US stores on April 19th: We are coming, Nineveh!, a two-player intense tactical game reproducing the liberation of west Mosul by Iraqi security forces in 2017, and Saigon 75, a fast-paced strategy game portraying the end of the fratricidal struggle between North and South Vietnam from the Summer of 1973 to Spring 1975.

Saigon 75, a fast-paced strategy game.

In We are coming, Nineveh!, players assume the role of either the Iraqi security forces or Daesh (also known as ISIS), reliving one of the largest and most difficult urban operations of the post-WWII era and the major defeat for Daesh and its so-called “Islamic State”. With a simple, intuitive, but highly effective system for movement and combat, Nineveh combines low complexity that suits it even to neophyte wargamers with mechanics that really fit the theme.

Saigon 75 provides a tense and exciting game experience with just a few pages of rules and a playing time of one hour. One player controls the "communist" forces and the other controls the "liberal" forces of the South (the Army of the Republic of Vietnam). The game also includes a solo mode with the player controlling the South as they attempt to resist the onslaught of an automated enemy, guided by specific cards.

The English edition of Nuts! Publishing board games are distributed by Ares Games. For more information about We are coming, Nineveh and Saigon 75, visit the games' pages at Nuts! Publishing section.

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