The Wings of Glory WW2 Trivia Contest comes to an end with a massive interest from players. The contest rules were read more than 3,000 times and about 450 answers were sent to the questions presented in the past nine days.

Here the correct answers to the five questions of the last day, March 15th, with the Wings of Glory WW2 Starter Set was at stake, and its winner:

1. Which ace with 104 victories had Mickey Mouse as a personal insignia? Adolf Galland

2. Which famous writer published several books about his experiences as a pilot and then disappeared during a recon flight taking off from Corsica? Antoine de Saint-Exupery

3. Which famous singer acted in a movie adapted from a novel written by an airman who served in Corsica? Art Garfunkel

4. Which game materials are drawn in front of the flying jacket of Captain Kelso, a fictional character flying a P-40 in 1941? Two dice

5. Which air force involved in World War 2 had blue-white-blue roundels? Greece

And the winner is... David Pollard.

Our congratulations to David and to the winners of the previous days – all the results are presented below –, specially to Lucas Elder, who won four times! As an Ares Games’ fan on Facebook, he will receive eight airplane packs for his wins.

Ares Games thanks all players who took part in this first contest and the author Andrea Angiolino, who formulated the questions for the quiz!

Answers and winners of the previous days:

07/03/2012 – - Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Hill

Which Royal Air Force pilot scored 15 of his 50 unshared claimed victories flying on biplanes during world war 2?
Marmaduke Thomas St John ‘Pat’ Pattle
Winner: Lucas Elder

08/03/2012 – Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Lott

Which was the nationality of the volunteer fighter group that went to Russia in WW2, fought on Russian planes with Russian insignia until the end of the war and flew back home with them after winning 273 victories?
Winner: Brad Smith

09/03/2012 – Yakovlev Yak-1 Litjvak

Which material was used to build the tail machineguns of the B-25 Mitchells bombing Tokio in 1942?
Winner: Hans Korting

10/03/2012 – Yakovlev Yak-1 Luganskij

Which national air force shot down several planes of the Luftwaffe and USAAF including Bf.109, Bf.110, Junkers Ju.52,Do-215, P-47, B-17, B-24, without ever changing side during the conflict?
Winner: Lucas Elder

11/03/2012 – Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien Nakano

Which real, non-fictional pilot shot down one (or possibly more) US four-engine bombers, defending his city with a captured P-38 Lightning?
Angelo Tondi
Winner: Lucas Elder

12/03/2012 – Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien Ichikawa

Which pilot, taken prisoner, asked to see who shot him down and discovered that she was a woman, a future ace at her second victory?
Erwin Maier
Winner: Lucas Elder

13/03/2012 – Reggiane Re.2001 Metellini

Which ace shot down 16 planes, among which three SPADs, a Camel, two B-24 and two Se5a, and was shot down by a P-51 Mustang?
Alfred Lindenberger
Winner: Joe Gallipeau

14/03/2012 – Reggiane Re.2001 Cerretani

Which pilot damaged and “shot” down two enemy bombers tearing them with his propeller, and had then his plane exhibited in front of a department store for Christmas?
Matsumi Nakano
Winner: Jens Kreutzer

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