The ruthless thief Diabolik, the charming Eva Kant, and the scrupulous Inspector Ginko are about to show up in US cinemas: the US rights to “Diabolik,” “Diabolik – Ginko Attacks!” and “Diabolik — Who Are You?” movies, from Beta Cinema, were acquired by Kino Lorber, an independent art house distribution, according to exclusive news by Variety.

Diabolik: first movie of Manetti Bros adaptation.

Created by Angela and Luciana Giussani, Diabolik is one of the longest running and iconic Italian comic series and has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. The Beta Cinema movies are the second adaptation of the series to the "silver screen" - the first was in the 60s by Mario Bava. Diabolik also inspired a radio show, an animated television series, novels, videogames, and the board game Diabolik - Heists and Investigations.

The new movies are written and directed by Marco and Antonio Manetti. The first movie, "Diabolik", is the dark and romantic story of the first meeting between the master thief and Eva Kant, set in the fictional state of Clerville in the late 1960s. Inspector Ginko is on the hunt for the criminal, trying to stop his evil plans. It's starred by Luca Marinelli as Diabolik, Miriam Leone as Eva Kant, and Valerio Mastandrea as Inspector Ginko. The sequel "Ginko Attacks!” brings Diabolik and Eva Kant in a new adventure against a more combative Inspector Ginko than ever, with the actor Giacomo Gianniotti as the protagonist and Monica Belluci in the role of Altea. The third movie, “Diabolik — Who Are You?”, is set to release in late 2023.

Diabolik: a “cops and robbers”- style game.

Inspired by the comic series, Diabolik - Heists and Investigations is an innovative hidden movement and deduction game designed by Luca Maragno and developed by Pendragon Game Studio, with English edition by Ares Games. Players (2 to 4) are divided into two teams, playing as Diabolik and Eva (the Criminals) against Ginko and Morrigan (the Detectives). The robber couple moves in the shadows, unseen by their adversaries, until the Criminals are identified by the Police; then it becomes an open chase, where the criminals will be forced to flee on the main board, visible to all cops. Finally, the game becomes a puzzle, when it comes time to complete the actual heists and investigations, with the two factions trying to achieve their respective goals.

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