The RPG Knights of the Round: Academy, inspired by Shonen anime, ‘90s super and real robot anime, Japanese school comedies and JRPG, is now shipping to distributors and will start to reach the game shops from January 27th. Developed by Fumble GDR, an independent RPG publisher based in Italy, and designed by Carlo Serena, the game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2021, and releases to retail as the KS backers’ fulfilment is completed. The English edition is produced by MS Edizioni and distributed by Ares Games.

Knights of the Round: Academy RPG, inspired in three genres of anime.

Knights of the Round: Academy is a story-driven role-playing game with a dedicated set of rules that will use Traits to describe players’ characters, and dice to resolve any conflict with interesting and narrative outcomes. It’s inspired by three genres of anime, each adding something to how the game is played: Shonen anime where your enemies might be powerful, but if you can support each other and learn the power of friendship and respect - even towards your rivals - you will always prevail and improve; Real and Super Robots anime about war, how terrible and unjust it is, even though sometimes it’s inevitable to fight to defend what you cherish; and School Drama anime, where teenage love, friendly rivalries, and the spirit of youth are at the core of the story, without forgetting a touch of magic or a little action.

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