Genryu/Shakiko Special Hero Pack: heroes can be played as either White or Black Monks.

Three new Sword & Sorcery Hero Hero Packs start to hit the shelves on November 24th: the Special Hero Packs Genryu/Shakiko (White/Black Monk) and Sigrid/Sigurd (Thane/Skald), and the Ancient Chronicles Alternate Hero and Ghost Souls Set.

Hero Packs allow players to choose their favorite Heroes, represented by awesome miniatures and specific cards. The Special Hero Packs Genryu/Shakiko and Sigrid/Sigurd includes two Heroes with the same class in their normal version, their Ghost Soul form version, and as their own Nemesis – the dark side of the Hero.

Sigrid and Sigurd can be played as either a Thane or a Skald.

Genryu and her brother Shakiko are powerful fighters, who dominate the battlefield using the power of their Chi - transmigration, spiritual powers, martial arts and special attacks will offer a completely new combat experience. They can be played as either a White Monk, a trained master of transforming the energy of their Chi to heal wounds, defend comrades, or create spiritual barriers and walls, or a Black Monk, master of unarmed combat, focused on bending the energy of their Chi to damage their enemies, to drain their soul essence, and to burn the battlefield.

Sigurd and his sister Sigrid, legends from the Northern Lands, can be played as either a Thane (a warrior of exceptional strength and constitution, who can also draw upon mystical powers to throw lightning and flame against his enemies) or a Skald (strong and valiant, but also able to inspire and lead his companions with warchants and mystical lyrics).

Ancient Chronicles Alternate Hero and Ghost Souls Set: five playable heroes.

The Ancient Chronicles Alternate Hero and Ghost Souls Set includes five fully playable Heroes of the same character classes as the ones included in Ancient Chronicles Core Set, Hero, representing parallel destinies of the same person, born from past choices that shaped the nature of their very souls. They can be combined with them, or to replace them. The set contains 10 miniatures, as well as a unique mini-expansion, Traits - 29 cards introducing advantages and disadvantages specific to every Hero, that can be used in either for Immortal Souls or Ancient Chronicles.

For more information and images, visit the Sword & Sorcery Hero Packs section.

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