A view of the Wings of Glory largest game ever.

A new world record for the largest Wings of Glory game was set on September 24th, in Florence, Italy: 117 people played together at the FirenzeGioca game show, breaking the previous record, 100 players, set in 2013 at the same show.

This time, the huge battle took place inside "Fortezza da Basso" - a fort which is part of the fourteenth century walls of Florence. The record-breaking game was organized by FirenzeGioca / Progioco Firenze, and was attended by the author Andrea Angiolino and representatives of Ares Games.

Andrea Angiolino and Laura Epifani, a Wings of Glory supporter.

For one hour, 117 people of all ages took off with beautiful miniature airplanes to recreate a huge WW1 dogfight, where they played as WW1 aces like the Red Baron and Edward Rickenbacker. Most of the players were newbies attending FirenzeGioca, who learned the game from more experienced players. Members of game clubs from Florence, Rome, La Spezia, and Massa were present and contributed to the success of the record-breaker event by teaching the "rookies" and bringing their own miniatures to play with.

Ares Games congratulates and thanks FirenzeGioca / Progioco Firenze, all Wings of Glory supporters and everybody who took part to the game and allowed the achievement of this new world record.

On top - photo by Massimiliano Calimera (ioGioco / Gioconomicon.net).

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