The world record for the largest Wings of Glory game was broken last Sunday, September 22nd, in Florence, Italy: 100 people played together on a long table along the Arno river, beating the 92 player record set on January 2011, in California. The huge battle was organized by the game store Mister Neko at the FirenzeGioca 2013 convention and was attended by the author Andrea Angiolino.

New record: 100 players took part to the big match at Firenze Gioca.

New record: 100 players took part to the big match at Firenze Gioca.

The 20 meter table along the river was fitted with game boards made specially for the event, and the beautiful day helped to gather so many people from Florence and other cities. The support of the game clubs from Florence, Rome, La Spezia, and Massa were also significant to beat the record.

"I'd like to thank the 'Nekostaffel' and the Firenze Gioca staff for their support and help. It was a wonderful day, and the success of this initiative confirms that Wings of Glory is a game that creates and strengthens friendships, where the pleasure of playing is more important that the match result," said Francesco "Mister Neko" Scognamiglio.

In the big Florence dogfight, 50 players fought in the Central Powers faction and 50 for the Allies. The huge battle lasted 45 minutes, timed from the first maneuver, with 19 Imperial and 10 Allied aircraft shot down and another 4 Allied fled.

Since the game is published under the brand Wings of Glory, it was the second attempt to break the record of largest game. On May 5th, 2013, a big match was promoted at the convention "Si Gioca", in Ferrara, Northern Italy, and gathered 80 players, but was under the 92 player game in California - set when the game was still branded "Wings of War".

Ares Games thanks all the people who rallied together from all around Italy to make this record possible, and Francesco "Mister Neko" who organized the event. Congratulations!

A report with several photos of the event can be seen at Wargames Spezia website.

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