The Rich and the Good: new edition of the classic Hab & Gut.

Carlo Rossi's cult classic Hab & Gut is coming back in a new edition: The Rich and the Good, with high level components, an eye-catching new graphic design, Michael Menzel’s great art, and a new 2-players game mode included. The economic game is simple to play and deep to master, with an unusual “shared card hand” mechanic and an original victory condition - getting rich and being a benefactor at the same time.

In the game, you trade in commodities from all over the world, and you have access to inside information to aid your investments and manipulate the markets. You are not alone in doing this, though. Your competitors also have a deep knowledge of the markets, and will be able to react to every one of your moves, while at the same time trading in the same precious commodities you have interests in. You must outwit and outsmart them!

The game components, with card holders for the shared card hand mechanic.

However, personal wealth is not all it takes to rise to the top and become a powerful member of High Society. You have a reputation to uphold! In order to gain the respect of your peers, you must prove to be unselfish by making huge donations to charity. A selfish trader donating too little of their hard-earned wealth is out of the competition, regardless of their personal fortune...

The player with the most money at the end of the game wins, however, the player that donated the least money to charity, regardless of how much money they made, is eliminated before the winner is determined.

The Rich and the Good is expected to release in January 2023.

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