The second official expansion for the post-apocalyptic board game Last Aurora starts to reach the US stores from August 31st - and in other countries in the coming weeks: Frozen Steel, a 110-card expansion, brings into the game a new group of enemies standing between the players and the Aurora, making the run for salvation even more challenging.

Frozen Steel: a new clan of enemies make the game even more challenging.

In Last Aurora, set after a war that has transformed the world in a frozen, desolate wasteland, each player becomes a leader of a survivors' crew trying to reach the last icebreaker ship Aurora, facing several challenges in their journey - gather resources, recruit survivors, improve his vehicle, and fight enemies as racing to reach the ship before it's too late. In the first expansion, Project Athena, the Aurora has sailed and survivors must cross a new map fighting with Athena, the A.I. which destroyed the planet.

In Frozen Steel, the new expansion, a new clan of enemies has appeared along the route to the Aurora: the Asgaror Clan. This extremely aggressive little group has quickly emerged as one of the deadliest dangers in the frozen wasteland. Their power stems from the armor and weapons they carry, crafted from a mysterious metal said to have been salvaged from an alien spaceship that crashed to Earth many years ago.

Frozen Steel is composed of five independent modules that are all fully compatible with each other and can be added and mixed with the base game. It includes 4 starting crews with asymmetrical abilities, a new Clan of Enemies, a set of new Exploration cards, Player versus player rules, which let players fight other Convoys and a deck of Story cards, which add a narrative element to the game.

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