Starting July 21st, you can play the exciting dogfights of WW1 Wings of Glory on your favorite digital device: Dire Wolf Digital announces the release of the game's adaptation to The Last Gameboard, and on Steam, Apple Store and Google Play.

Dire Wolf Wings of Glory: eight airplanes to choose for starting WW1 dogfights.

The Wings of Glory game system, created by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, was meticulously adapted by Dire Wolf to bring strategic tabletop action to the new Gameboard tabletop gaming system, along with other electronic devices. Players will become flying aces, playing cards to perform tricky aerial maneuvers to outsmart their enemies and lead their aces to victory, test their skill with twelve tactical challenges, and battle cross-platform against players on Gameboard, Steam, iOS, and Android, and recruit eight planes and fourteen aces to expand their fleet.

The game presents 14 aces, as Manfred von Richthofen, the famous Red Baron.

Wings of Glory is available now in the Gameboard beta program (visit their web site for more information). It will release on Steam, the App Store & Google Play on Thursday, 7/21, and is now available for Wishlisting & Pre-Order.

For demos and to learn more about the game, join Ares Games (booth #641), Dire Wolf (booth #2545) and The Last Board Game (booth #2665) at Gen Con 2022. Special Gameboard Wings of Glory Events will be held at the show - click here for the program.

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