The Thing - The Board Game, the board game inspired by the 1982 cult movie.

The Thing - The Board Game, a ‘hidden role’ game for 1-8 players based in the 1982 horror sci-fi cult movie directed by John Carpenter, is now arriving in US stores, and will be available in other countries in the coming weeks.

The base game releases alongside the expansion Norwegian Outpost, that throws players in the events of the 2011 movie that happened at Thule Station, the Norwegian station where it all began, and three accessories - Human, Alien and Norwegian Miniatures Sets - to make the game more scenic and realistic.

Designed by Andrea Crespi and Giuseppe Cicero, and created and produced by Pendragon Game Studio, the game has its English edition published and distributed by Ares Games.

For more information, visit the The Thing - The Board Game section.

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