War of the Ring - The Card Game: new multi-player game inspired by Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Ares Games will be at Gen Con 2022 (Booth #641, August 4-7, Indianapolis), presenting new releases and upcoming games. Attendees will have the chance to check recent Ares’ releases as The Thing - The Board Game and Quartermaster General: 1914, and a host of recent releases and “evergreen” lines - War of the Ring, Wings of Glory, and Sword & Sorcery. The War of the Ring: The Card Game, due to release in Q4 2022, will be previewed at Ares’ booth during the four days. Visitors at the booth can also play the zombie-themed dice game Last One Alive and the engine building, worker placement card game Star Scrappers: Orbital.

The recent digital version Wings of Glory release, developed and published by Dire Wolf, will also be playable at Ares’ booth #641.

The “upcoming games” showcase will present future 2022 releases, including Orconomics, Shadow Planet, FITNA – Global War in the Middle East and This War Without an Enemy.

In Hall C, 40 events are scheduled, including games like Sails of Glory, Quartermaster General: Prelude, Star Scrappers: Cave In, 300: Earth & Water, Mini Rogue, and Nanty Narking.

Play with Ares Games at GenCon - booth #641.

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