Two new releases in the Quartermaster General card-driven strategy games series designed by Ian Brody are now arriving in stores: Quartermaster General: 1914, a new game that recreates the “Great War””, with mechanics reflecting the military, economy, and politics of the time, and Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude, an expansion for Quartermaster General WW2 Second Edition that can be played as a prequel of the game to set the stage for the conflict. 

Quartermaster General: 1914, a grand strategy game portraying WWI.

Quartermaster General: 1914 is a must-have for anybody looking for an accessible grand-strategy game on the “Great War," enjoyable by newcomers and “veterans” of board-wargames alike. It's a fast-playing wargame for two to five players that pits the Central Powers against the Entente Powers. Each power has its own unique deck of cards, with its own strengths and strategies, providing strong replayability as you try your hand at playing the different powers. First published in 2016, the game arrives in a new edition by Ares Games, teamed up with the designer to refresh and relaunch it with an improved board, artwork, and other components. 

Prelude, new expansion for Quartermaster General WW2.

Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude is a short pre-game to create a lead-in to WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition, increasing the game possibilities and options, emphasizing pre-war historical facts that could influence history and, now, the game. It's a fast pre-game for setting the stage for WW2, with a truncated sequence of play designed to create differing opening situations from whence regular play can begin. This is the second edition of the pre-game, adding two new cards and including several clarifications to the first edition, and it can be also played together with the expansion Total War.

For more information about the game series and the new arrivals, visit the Euro Games section.

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