Xplored, creators of Teburu, unveiled additional details about their plans for the development of a new Sword & Sorcery-based game playable on the Teburu system, in the latest update to their Kickstarter project. The Italian-based tech company is crowdfunding The Bad Karmas - the first game using their revolutionary tabletop gaming platform. The Kickstarter campaign is its final week and it has already surpassed its funding goal of €200,000.

Early concept image; does not represent final product.

Answering to players wondering whether Sword & Sorcery will be a straightforward porting of the old games, or a whole new game, Xplored says it will be a new product, that will retain most of the game's original rules, but that will undergo minor adaptations to take full advantage of the Teburu system.

Regarding the main differences from the original titles, the easiest to guess is the way the enemies are handled: in Teburu, an artificial intelligence will control their behavior and make players focus on their own strategy and actions. All gameplay and narrative events will be managed by the app in order to make the experience as seamless as possible. Finally, the Campaign Mode will feature a new and original story written by Xplored under the supervision of Gremlin Project.

The campaign will involve a new storyline. In the S&S universe, at the end of Darkness Falls, the heroes manage to defeat the Undead Lord, but not before he casts a powerful spell. Sensing imminent defeat, in a desperate attempt to rewind time, the Undead Lord instead creates an alternate reality... a reality rewound to the moment when the heroes were first resurrected. The world, however, is not the one already seen in Immortal Souls, but a parallel universe where people’s personalities, and the history up to that point, are totally different.

S&S on Teburu: an early prototype test.

Another key question is retrocompatibility: most of the components of the old Sword & Sorcery products will be usable in this campaign. Just like any normal Sword & Sorcery boxed set, this campaign will build up on previous content, while adding new tiles specifically designed for the Teburu board, some original monsters conceived for the new storyline and the smart Sword & Sorcery D10 dice to fully benefit of the Teburu system features.

For existing S&S players, Teburu-specific components will be available as a conversion kit, that also easily upgrades the Heroes: a set of 25/32mm miniature smart bases that include the necessary tech (RFID and magnet) to allow the board to identify and track each Hero.

While waiting for Sword & Sorcery on Teburu, players can support The Bad Karmas project on Kickstarter: by pledging at "Saga" level or higher, they will gain access to the Platinum Founder Status, which includes a 10% cashback on three future Teburu crowdfunding campaigns of their choice (including S&S/Teburu). Another option is to get a "Founder Membership" (by pledging at the Teburu Believer level or higher), to be able to try a "Print & Play" beta of the game before anyone else.

For more information about The Bad Karmas and Teburu, and to pledge, visit the project on Kickstarter.

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