Ares Games stands with Ukraine and the victims and refugees of the Russian invasion. There are many wars in the world, even today, but in Ukraine we see a crisis of a size without precedent in recent history, with a democratic European country suffering from a hostile aggression and millions of refugees fleeing their homes, while innocent victims are killed every day as the bombs hit civil buildings.

As a tangible token of support to the plight of the Ukrainian people, Ares will devolve to two organizations - Red Cross International and MSF Doctors Without Borders - the entire proceedings of the sale of the last nine copies of the Collector’s Edition of The Battle of Five Armies, numbered 1492 to 1500.

The copies of the Collector’s Edition of The Battle of Five Armies will be offered for sale on Thursday March 17th, at 3 PM CET (UTC 2 PM) on Ares’ website -, at a price of $ 1200 (+VAT where applicable). Ares Games will devolve the entire amount to the programs to support Ukraine of the two selected NGOs. The cost of the product, shipping, and taxes will be Ares’ own contribution to the initiative, estimated in a value of $ 2500.

The Battle of Five Armies Collector's Edition is a unique limited-edition item, including a high-quality version of all the components featured in the regular version of the game, complemented by 126 hand-painted figures, in a special deluxe packaging, and with a limited edition certificate of authenticity – 1500 copies were produced.

These nine copies have a special story. They were left unfinished at the factory for several months, as there was a shortage of a small component (the standard combat dice) at the end of production. Later on, Ares managed to find very similar dice in a different color and completed the manufacturing. This small difference is acknowledged by a special signed letter included in the copies and signed by Ares’ director of production and co-author of the game, Roberto Di Meglio. Now, these copies will be even more special, as the proceeds of their sales are devolved to a cause we deem worthy.

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