The Act II of Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles is coming: the Wave 2 rewards of the Kickstarter campaign arrived at the Asian warehouse, are on their way to Ares' warehouses in US and in Europe, and the shipments to Australia and UK are ready to be picked up at the factory.

S&S Ancient Chronicles: Wave 2 coming soon.

Ancient Chronicles' second wave includes Northwind Tales, the "big box" ACT II campaign, alongside its Challenge Set and Deluxe Map, and the optional add-on Myths of the Arena - watch the unboxing videos of them on Ares Games channel on YouTube.

In Sword & Sorcery Northwind Tales, the heroes will journey to a land plagued by cold winds and snow, face a fearsome Viking army led by a conqueror named Wotan, find Yggdrasil, the tree that supports the universe, and face the threat of Níðhöggr, the undead dragon. The Northwind Tales Challenge Set expansion allows players to modify the game difficulty and the overall game experience by combining the S&S Northwind Tales enemies with new variants of all rank-and-file Enemies.

Myths of the Arena is the first campaign expansion for Ancient Chronicles, including PvP and Arena modes, as well as multiple story-oriented scenarios.

The shipment of the Wave 2 to backers should be completed by late April, with Ares carrying the burden of the extra freight and tax costs in comparison to the estimates done during the crowdfunding campaign. Ancient Chronicles Act II contents are planned to release to retail in the second half of the year (Myths of the Arena) and in 2023 (Northwind Tales).

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