S&S Ancient Chronicles Challenge Set: variants of all rank-and-file Enemies.

Two new expansions for Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles have just arrived in Ares' warehouse and are now shipping to distributors: the Ancient Chronicles Challenge Set includes variants of all rank-and-file Enemies featured in the core set, and the Ancient Chronicles Nemeses brings an innovative new type of Enemies to enrich any Sword & Sorcery adventure. They will start to hit the US hobby stores on January 5th, and will be available in other countries in the following weeks.

The Ancient Chronicles Challenge Set expand the game possibilities of Sword & Sorcery sessions with a collection of all the "rank and file" enemies (green and blue) included in Ancient Chronicles in a variant rank, for a total of 16 new creatures, complete with miniatures, enemy scrolls, and enemy cards. It may be integrated into any Ancient Chronicles Quest to modify the challenge, by either replacing enemies with their "variant" rank (you can raise or lower the challenge level according to your taste) or adding these new enemies to customize Quests. In both cases, the result will have a strong effect on the gameplay of a Quest, increasing its replayability. The set can also be used as a miniature pack for any fantasy role-playing game.

Nemeses miniatures: "Dark Twins" of the Heroes.

The Nemeses expansion presents a set of beautiful Nemesis miniatures, "Dark Twins" of the Heroes of the core game, which they might face during their adventures. Heroes’ Nemeses are an extraordinary opponent, with skills and powers specifically opposing those of the Hero, emboding their darkest thoughts and fears, the evil recesses of their souls. The set also includes a new special Enemy, the White Tiger, which they can summon to fight at their side, and ten Bond cards to forge a special connection between two Heroes, to create a friendship — or love — stronger than death.

For more information about these expansions, visit the Sword & Sorcery section.

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