Dephts of Damnation: full scale expansion to Mini Rogue.

Two expansions for the minimalist dungeon crawler Mini Rogue start to hit the stores on November 26th: Depths of Damnation, a full scale expansion introducing "Choose Your Own Story" cards, and Glittering Treasure,a mini expansion featuring new cards with a stunning foil effect.

In Mini Rogue one or two players delve into a deep dungeon, room after room, area after area, floor after floor, to find the Og's Blood: a fabled and mysterious artifact said to be a ruby gemstone. They must choose how to spend their resources to be powerful enough to confront ever more difficult monsters and hazards. Randomly generated levels and encounters make every playthrough a unique experience.

The expansion Depths of Damnation presents a new card type: Lore cards, which allow the players to "choose their own story", offering an insight into the events and lore of the dungeon, and weave a narrative for players to discover game after game. It also includes new Room cards, three new Characters and 2 new Bosses, providing more game options and increasing the challenge.

Glittering Treasures cards: the allure of gold.

The set Glittering Treasure improves the game with 9 new cards, dedicated mainly to Bosses, the arch-enemies of the characters, introducing new challenges for the adventurers. It also includes a Reward card and the allure of gold - all the cards are produced with a glittering holographic foil effect.

For more information about Mini Rogue and these two new expansions, visit the Nuts! Publishing section.

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