Ancient Chronicles Minions: 3D figures of the smallest enemy creatures.

Two new accessories for the Sword & Sorcery line are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the shelves of US stores on November 10th: Spawn Gates and Gods' Shrines, an accessory upgrading both Immortal Souls and Ancient Chronicles; and the Ancient Chronicles Minions set, allowing players to replace some of the cardboard components included in the Ancient Chronicles campaign with miniatures.

The Spawn Gates and Gods' Shrines set includes 7 high-quality, ready to play miniatures - four Spawn Gates, each one with a unique sculpt, 2 Gods Shrines and 1 Party Marker. Also included in this set is an exclusive set of item cards, the Hollywood Armory.

Spawn Gates and Gods' Shrines: accessory set for Immortal Souls and Ancient Chronicles.

The Ancient Chronicles Minions set replaces the cardboard Minions - that is, the smallest enemy creatures, including Nests, Venoms and Snow Gremlins - with detailed miniatures.

At the same time of these new releases, the core set of the first campaign, Immortal Souls, has been reprinted and is available again, alongside the expansions Darkness Fall and Vastaryous Lair, 8 Hero Packs (Samirya, Onamor, Volkor, Victoria, Kroghan, Morrigan, Ryld and Skeld), and 3 of our best-selling S&S accessories - Custom Dice, Doors & Chests, and Ghost Soul Heroes Set.

For more information about Ancient Chronicles, read the overview of the new campaign, including the expansions and accessories, and check the Sword & Sorcery section.

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