Total Bundle: Premium Edition, metal tokens and coins, and dice tray.

The backers of the Orconomics 2nd Edition campaign on Kickstarter can now access the Pledge Manager at Late backers are also allowed to use the Pledge Manager to support the game if they missed the project on Kickstarter. For players interested on Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles, a last chance to get one copy of the deluxe Kickstarter edition with all extra content: late pledges for a few copies remaining are now open.

The Orconomics' Pledge Manager - allows backers to select their rewards (Premium Edition, Total Bundle, and Add-Ons), and the language version they prefer - English or French. Instructions on how to use the pledge manager have been sent to all the backers by email. The closing date for the Pledge Manager was not set, but it's planned to remain open until mid-November at least. Orconomics 2nd Edition production is going forward, and it's expected to ship to backers in Spring 2022, due to the issues still affecting China-based production.

Last chance to get a copy of the Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter edition.

S&S Ancient Chronicles Late Pledge Manager is the last opportunity for anybody who missed the crowdfunding campaign to get a copy of the Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter edition. To not interfere with the ongoing production, a specific and very limited number of copies are being produced and set aside for this purpose - 50 Bronze bundles, 200 each of the "All-In" and Legendary bundles, and 400 of the Gold bundle. Once these copies are pre-ordered, the only way to get Ancient Chronicles will be through the normal retail channels, as the product will roll out to retail, over the next 18/24 months. To check the Late Pledge Manager, click here.

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