Mini Rogue, the minimalist dungeon crawler.

The minimalist dungeon crawler Mini Rogue starts to hit the US stores on October 1st. The game, designed by Paolo Di Stefano and Gabriel Gendron and published by Nuts! Publishing, is the extended and improved version of the Rogue-like microgame of the same name which received multiple awards in its print-and-play release. Successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2020, it is now releasing to retail as KS fulfillment was completed. Ares is the distributor of the English edition, which will be available in other countries in the coming weeks.

In Mini Rogue one or two players delve into a deep dungeon, room after room, area after area, floor after floor, to find the Og's Blood: a fabled and mysterious artifact said to be a ruby gemstone. They must choose how to spend their resources to be powerful enough to confront ever more difficult monsters and hazards. Randomly generated levels and encounters make every playthrough a unique experience.

For more information, visit the game’s page, where the rulebook is available for download. The game can be also seen at Origins 2021, at booth #105.

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