Brancalonia, the all-Italian setting for the 5th Edition 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time, will release to retail soon. To have a glimpse of Brancalonia, a Quickstart is available for download. It introduces the setting, the moods, and the new rules, and also features the demo adventure "The Treasure of the Bigat".

Brancalonia - Quickstart (English) (2795 downloads )

Brancalonia RPG is set in a “back-to-front” version of Medieval Italy, this unheroic, picaresque and roguish world quotes, collects, and mixes references from contemporary Italian fiction and over a hundred works of Italian fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagery – like Collodi’s Pinocchio, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and “Spaghetti Western”.

Other resources for Brancalonia RPG are available for download in the game's page - the Map of the Kingdom and a Blank Sheet, to create custom characters for the game.

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