The new campaign for Sword & Sorcery, Ancient Chronicles, has started to hit the stores with the release of the Ancient Chronicles Core Set, and three accessory packs: Chaotic Familiars, Lawful Familiars and Ghost Soul Form Heroes. They arrive in distribution as the fulfilment of Kickstarter backers is completed.

Ancient Chronicles: a view of the Core Set components.

The Ancient Chronicles Core Set is a new starting point to Sword & Sorcery, suitable both for newcomers and for players who already plays the Immortal Souls cycle, this time in a campaign set in the distant past of the events narrated in the first season.

The Chaotic Familiars and Lawful Familiars introduce small fantasy creatures able to create a magical link with their humanoid friends and help them during their adventures, and the Ghost Soul Form Heroes features very detailed miniatures to replace the figures of the five heroes included in Ancient Chronicles when they die, plus two gameplay expansions enhance characters' back stories and customization.

For more information about Ancient Chronicles, read the preview articles, starting with the overview of the new campaign, and check the Sword & Sorcery section.

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