Ancient Chronicles, the new campaign of Sword & Sorcery, is starting to ship to Kickstarter backers and will be in stores soon. To show what is coming, we posted three unboxing videos on Ares Games channel on YouTube - a full version of all Kickstarter contents and two presenting the highly detailed miniatures. Watch them below:

Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles - Kickstarter Unboxing - Legendary Pledge, including the optional "Gold Bundle", and "Bronze Bundle" contents.

Miniatures - take a close look at the Heroes and the denizens of the Underreign included in the Ancient Chronicles Core Set...

... and at all the additional miniatures included in the Kickstarter version of Ancient Chronicles.

Follow the Ares Games channel on YouTube for trailer and tutorial videos of our games. For more information about Ancient Chronicles, visit the Sword & Sorcery section and check out the preview articles we are posting every week.

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