The Euro & Thematic games section is now update with the new game to be published in English by Ares, in partnership with Pendragon Game Studio: Diabolik - Heists and Investigations, an innovative hidden movement and deduction game designed by Luca Maragno and inspired by a famous Italian comic series, Diabolik.

Diabolik: a “cops and robbers”- style game.

In Diabolik, 2 to 4 players are divided into two teams, one playing as Diabolik and Eva (the Criminals) against Ginko and Morrigan (the Detectives). The game is inspired by the Italian comic series Diabolik, where the robber couple designs and executes heists, using disguise and latex masks to complete these daring thefts.

In the game, Diabolik and Eva move in the shadows of the state of Clerville, unseen by their adversaries, until the Criminals are identified by the Police; then it becomes an open chase, where the criminals will be forced to flee on the main board, visible to all cops. Finally, the game becomes a puzzle, when it comes time to complete the actual heists and investigations, with the two factions trying to achieve their respective goals.

The English Edition of Diabolik - Heists and Investigations is expected to release in August 2021. For more information about the game, visit its page here.

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