The Roleplaying Games section was updated with the upcoming releases of Acheron Books: Brancalonia RPG Setting Book, its first sourcebook, Macaronicon, and the accessory Condottiero's Screen, due to release in May 2021.

Brancalonia is the all-Italian setting for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Set in a “back-to-front” version of Medieval Italy, this unheroic, picaresque and roguish world quotes, collects, and mixes references from contemporary Italian fiction and over a hundred works of Italian fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagery – like Collodi’s Pinocchio, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and “Spaghetti Western”. In Brancalonia, all the player characters are Knaves, members of a Free Company of mercenaries, rogues and similar rascals, engaged in questionable jobs across the various domains of what is left of an ancient kingdom now in ruins.

Brancalonia RPG: an all-Italian setting for the 5th Edition.

Brancalonia RPG Setting Book is a 192-page hard cover volume featuring maps, characters, antagonists, monsters, and other images evocative of the Kingdom. Players will find a general description of the Kingdom, its history and main regions, five new playable races, in addition to the Human, and many typical features of Brancalonian Knaves, as new Talents, Equipments, Rules, and Magic Items. "In Search of Quatrins", a collection of six adventures set in different parts of the Kingdom is also included.

Macaronicon is the first expansion manual for Brancalonia RPG, a 160-page hardcover volume containing all game material and additional information to play in the Kingdom even more accuratelly and in-depth, with new options for Kingdom Rogues (in particular one new class, the Puppeteer, with two dedicated subclasses), 10 new subclasses, three new races, and many new background options.

The Condottiero’s Screen is an essential game accessory for Brancalonia RPG, with all the essential reference tables to manage the game sessions.

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