Mockup of the box with the new cover art.

The crowdfunding campaign of Orconomics 2nd Edition ended today, March 12th, with 1,006 backers, $46,295 in funding and all goals unlocked. During the 18 days of the campaign, new contents were added to the game by the achievement of daily missions and funding goals - the last one, 400% of funding, was reached in the final day, adding 50 miniatures to the Premium Edition of the game.

Orconomics 2nd Edition was launched on Kickstarter on February 23rd, with a initial funding goal of $10,000, reached in a few hours. With all goals unlocked, the final Kickstarter rewards will include the complete contents of the retail edition together with extra content: 100 miniatures (50 buildings and 50 stockades), a modular game board with 12 Industry sectors and two central Government tiles, 50 Company tokens, 40 Industry cards, 19 Quest cards, 80 Skulls tokens (30 Gold and 50 Silver), 5 Player reference cards, 4 sets of Special cards, a Crisis Custom die with rules, 2 Forecast dice, 3 tokens – Crisis, Activity, and Oracle, a deck holder, and an exclusive Premium Edition box, to store all the Kickstarter rewards.

Ares and Igrology thank all backers for their support to Orconomics 2nd Edition project on Kickstarter!

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