Orconomics 2nd Edition: a preview of the premium edition

The crowdfunding campaign of Orconomics 2nd Edition on Kickstarter enters in its final stretch. The project ends on March 12th, and with three days to go, it counts over 700 backers and $33,000 pledged, with several new contents unlocked and a new announcement: the collaboration with the author of the award-winning "Dark Profit" fantasy-humor series, J. Zachary Pike, to include a cameo appearance from Pike's books inside Orconomics and a signed edition of the first two books in the Dark Profit series ("Orconomics-A Satire" and "Son of a Liche") as an add-on. Two special-edition bookmarks will be included with the two novels.

Orconomics 2nd Edition is a game for two to five players that recreates the chaotic economic world of modern Orcs on the gaming table. Backstabbing, ripping off opponents, taking away their industries - all is legit to get to the top of the Orc jet-set. Players compete to establish companies in ten different industrial sectors. Each sector generates income or losses, and grants players abilities that can be used during the game. To win the game, a player needs to be the first to score 11 victory points, founding companies and successfully fulfilling business "quests" of Greed, Rage or Dare.

The Orconomics 2nd Edition Kickstarter project offers only one Pledge Level at $49 for one copy of the exclusive Premium Edition of the game, including all unlocked stretch goals. The suggested retail price of the regular edition (not including the premium contents) will be around $45.

Orconomics - A Satire book, by Zack Pike: new add-on.

The Kickstarter’s Premium Edition will feature 50 Orc corporate building miniatures, in five colors, and all stretch goals unlocked during the campaign - including, by now, a high quality card holder, two limited Orc Rules of Business posters, an additional Crisis die with rules, additional tiles and cards (Recycling, Education, Technorcracy, Shamanocracy, and Globocracy), two sets of cards (Espionage and Monopolist), and three Special Quest cards - Greed, Dare and Rage.

The campaign also offers three optional rewards - a neoprene foldable dice tray, a set of metal coins to replace the tokens included in the game, and the "Dark Saga - paperbacks and exclusive bookmarks", by Zack Pike. In the final days, the project is unlocking its final goals - the set of "Cease & Desist" special cards, the upgrade to the government tile Unameitcracy, and three more still unrevealed rewards - and its final funding goal of $40,000 for a set of 50 loan miniatures.

Orconomics 2nd Edition is due to release in December 2021 in two languages: English and French, in partnership with Bragelonne Games.

For more information about Orconomics 2nd Edition and to pledge, visit the project on Kickstarter, check the game’s page here and follow the game’s page on Facebook.

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