Lex Arcana, the role-playing game set in ancient Roman Empire where history, mythology, and legend flow into an exciting unicum, is now back on Kickstarter. After the first record breaking crowdfunding in 2018, the adventure now expands with two new books, maps, and geographical decks, each about a specific region of the Roman Empire: "Dacia and Thracia" and "Italia". The new project launched on February 16th and achieved its funding goal of $ 20,000 in only 45 minutes, and doubled it in few hours. The campaign will run until March, 3rd, and the rewards are expected to deliver in December 2021.

Published by Quality Games, Lex Arcana is an alternate history roleplaying game set in a roman empire which did not fall, thanks to the use of magic. The English retail edition is distributed by Ares Games in the United States and non-European countries. The game is the second edition of the most famous Italian RPG of the 90’s. The revival of the game was made possible by a team of the most eminent Italian game designers: Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini, Marco Maggi, and Francesco Nepitello, guided by the expert hand of Andrea Angiolino, author, and creative director of this new line, too, alongside Mauro Longo and Francesca Garello - who are the authors of these two new titles.

Lex Arcana RPG: "Dacia and Thracia" and 'Italia', now on Kickstarter.

Dacia and Thracia are two among the darkest and most dangerous provinces of the limes danubianus - dark and wild Dacia on one hand and Thracia and its barbarian hordes on the other. Here, Roman conquest is but a pale light staving off darkness and turmoil, fittings of civilization to tame a recalcitrant, bloodthirsty, and violent beast. Here, ancestral secrets, nameless horrors and armies of raiders pushing on the border are but a grim daily event, filling both locals and agents of the Capital with dread.

The volume is written by Mauro Longo, author and curator of short stories, fiction, essays, gamebooks, and role-play games such as "Brancalonia" and "Aegyptus – The sands of time and Gold", for Lex Arcana. As a journalist, he has worked in history, archeology, anthropology, symbolism, mythography, role-play games, fiction, and fantasy, as well as Copywriter, Editor and Social Media Specialist for Amazon.it and a few Italian publishers such as Acheron Books, of which he is creative director.

Italia, the most sacred land of the Empire, realm of ancient Gods and cradle of Rome, nurtures in her heart monstrous creatures, ancient traditions shrouded in mystery and civilizations even older than the very Urbs. Many are the dangers the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana will be called to avert right on the doorstep of the Eternal City.

The authors of "Italia" are Andrea Angiolino and Francesca Garello. Angiolino is an Italian game designer with board games and books about gaming translated into 15 languages, and is the co-designer of the best-selling game system Wings of Glory. He broadcasts games and toys’ history on the Italian State Radio Rai Tre and teaches Game Culture at the NABA Academy of Rome. Francesca Garello, an archeologist from Rome, author of fantasy fiction as well as (alongside Angiolino) numerous games with a historical setting, including scenarios for Lex Arcana published on specialized magazines. Hers is the key role to ensure that the setting of our Endless Empire is as historically accurate and vibrant as it will ever be.

For more information and to pledge, visit the Lex Arcana - 'Dacia and Thracia' and 'Italia' Kickstarter.

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