A new volume of Lex Arcana RPG is releasing in retail: Aegyptus - The Sands of Time and Gold is the first official setting module for the game, describing the beautiful and mysterious Province of Aegyptus. Lex Arcana - Aegyptus starts to hit US stores from February 19th.

Aegyptus: the first setting book for Lex Arcana.

Aegyptus - The Sands of Time and Gold is a "geographical sourcebook" for Lex Arcana, providing all the information required to play in the fascinating ancient Egypt setting. In the land of the ancient pharaohs, descendants of the gods themselves, the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana must face intrigue and conspirators, curses from times forgotten, sand demons and secrets so dangerous they could break the wisest of minds. The 176 pages hardcover book also includes three ready-to-play adventures.

This is the third volume released for the game, following the Lex Arcana Core Rulebook. In January, the setting compendium Lex Arcana Encyclopaedia Arcana and the adventure book Mysteries of the Empire I were released.

Lex Arcana RPG is published by Quality Games, with English edition distributed by Ares Games in the United States and non-European countries. For more information about the game, visit the Roleplaying Games section.

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